AiVision Pty Ltd is proud to announce

the Optiscribe (c) Vision Test is here!

This professional test issues you with an accurate lens prescription

Ideal for Remote and Rural Areas

  • New patented lensless testing methods
  • Specifically for Vision Testing over the Internet
  • Results viewed by a legally qualified Optometrist
  • On successful completion a lens prescription is sent to you!
  • Order your glasses on line or from your local optometrist.

Try out the new Optiscibe (c) Vision Test at

teleOptometry lives here!

Vision Tests for Schools

AiVision has modified the Optiscribe eye test to allow it to be tailored for school, college and company occupational health requirements

AiVision Pty Ltd is currently interested in testing an eye test for use in schools with selected schools. We are also going on a national promotion and fact finding tour around the country mid 2011 to get feedback in to how best to serve the rural and remote communities with on line vision care.

If you wish to be involved or know more use the link below.

or ring: Dr Des Maddalena on
(02) 6771 5998

About Optiscribe

The Optiscribe Vision Test System is a novel lensless vision testing system allowing an accurate eye test to be carried out over the Internet.

It has been clinically tested by hudreds of volunteers and patented around the world by AiVision Pty Ltd.

If you wish to know more visit the our vision test site at or contact us!

or ring:
Dr Des Maddalena on (02) 6771 5998

Whats Happening?

AiVision Pty Ltd have moved the Optiscribe Eye Tests to a new site.

If you wish to have an eye test use the link below.

Eye Tests

For Schools

New Vision Tour